What is Memevesting?

Memevesting is a type of participation in the cryptocurrency market based on intuitive and focused on quick profit purchase and sale orders. In the circle of interest in memevesting there are always niche coins, often only introduced to the market, with simple principles of their operation that can be understood by complete investment laymen. Memevesting is a concept that defines the maximally simplified maximization of profit from products that, according to MEMEVESTORS, announce the achievement of a profit-making goal.

Who Memevestor is?

Memevestor are people who either already operate on the cryptocurrency contracts market or are just entering it. Most often they do not have knowledge or experience with trading on the stock market - classic and cryptocurrency. Memevestor bases its activities on two basic principles: Product simplicity Profit maximization with minimal investment of resources and time Memevestors are looking for simple, often not guided by analyzes and forecasts of investment products, the popularity of which is repeatedly based on the suggestions of social groups in which they focus.